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Gold Prices Wavered

Gold market has experienced over the years one of the best first half of this year, since last December count, in a little more than half a year's time, gold prices rose 30%, is seen in more than 30 years. But entering the second half, rising gold market momentum was gone, nearly two months, the price of gold retreated from 1374 dollars an ounce to $ 1320 per ounce, while decreases were only 4%, but makes one worry that the gold market in the second half: where to go?
Current leading gold market is the Fed. Whenever the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the dollar rises, Gold falls and vice versa, said of the Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates, gold will rise. This is because gold is not yielding assets if interest rates remain low or even negative, good for gold; and if real interest yield is high, investors will put their money into higher-yielding assets, and left out the gold.
This trend can be seen in gold market last year. Since October, falling gold prices, record the current bear market lows until December 1046 dollars per ounce/ounce. After a 0.25% in December, the Fed raised interest rates, gold prices strengthened, until out of the strong performance in the first half of this year, because the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates has been left to one side.

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