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Jadeite Jewelry Sales Season

Hot collection of jade is jade market, people's favorite passion is not reduced. And as high quality jade, jade has been very popular. But in recent years, the jade market conditions are not ideal.
Jade market downturn, many businesses get into closed or withdrawn position. Gem and jade Association official Mr Chen told reporters in Xiamen, Xiamen has a brand in the industry, Peak 10 points of sale in the island, but now, only 5.
Reporters recently seen in lianban guomao shopping mall on the first floor, originally gathering 5 brand point of sale, but now only 3 points of sale, the other two points so far empty, not for rent.
Jewelry city and hexiang West Road, Xiamen, many jewels jade stores hung a sublet or an empty shop for rent signs. Jewelry in Xiamen City investment promotion Office, a staff member told reporters that the overall slump in jewelry trade in the near future, business and consumer confidence are subject to varying degrees of influence, consolidation in the shops is normal.

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