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Jewelry Brand Will Be Promoted To Collective Marks

Trademarks we are not new, but do we all know the importance of brand? and now with the trademark more important competition between brand is also very powerful, today we take a look at Panyu jewelry brands promotion collective marks.
Recently, the market supervisory Council held a special meeting, deployment of advance stone Acer Redwood Street, Sandy Bay jewelry and da Luo Tong, Sha TOU jewelry 3 regional brand registration of collective marks.
Conference emphasized that advancing local brand-building work is to serve an important role in local economic development, distinctive local brands upgraded to a collective mark, owned by an industry common brands, for industries or enterprises bigger and stronger. It was noted that according to my "Thirteen-Five" planned "one town, one brand" work requirements, the relevant units should further promote brand strategy, brand-building work of science.

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