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Jewelry Development And Introduction

jewelry Jewelry industry is from the jewelry, craft gift industry separated, integrated the formation of a new industry. With the economic and social development, people meet the basic needs of life apart, began to pursue fashion and personality, thus promoting the development of this emerging industry.

 Large city jewelry sales basic to the company direct sales stores, franchise stores and small jewelry shop mainly small and medium-sized city jewelry consumption due to income levels and other restrictions, still in the form of flowers shop, gift shop jewelry, its products Generally more common jewelry, the product of the low level. With the development of China's second and third tier cities, these urban and rural residents jewelry consumption demand will gradually keep up with the pace of big cities, which the majority of jewelry business is a rare opportunity for development.

  jewelry The origin of jewelry, initially because of the body, with the living standards and the continuous development of human creativity, began to transform part of the transformation, derived from the

Crystal Jewelry Jewelry Natural Topaz

Crystal Jewelry Jewelry Natural Topaz

To decorate the main decoration. Jewelry is used to decorate and wear, and some jewelry can play a fragrance, clean, landscaping and so on the role of good jewelry can make the wearer a new look, relaxed and happy, many jewelry in the street boutiques are more and more attention to jewelry Of the market, in the home decoration, birthday gifts, friends party, send men and women friends and so can not be separated from jewelry. Jewelry industry trends: jewelry industry is from the jewelry, craft gift industry separated, integrated the formation of a new industry. Jewelry as a new economic growth point, the developed countries have gradually matured. Various grades of the store, the sales point dotted; a variety of styles, all levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. In the Chinese mainland, this industry is still in the initial stage of development. With the rapid development of social economy and culture, people from the food and clothing into the well-off type, advocating human nature and fashion, and constantly shaping the personality and charm, has become the pursuit of people.

  Jewelry is used to decorate the items, the general purpose for the beautification of personal instruments, decorate the room, beautify the public environment, decorate the car. So jewelry can be divided into the following categories: home accessories, clothing accessories, car accessories and so on. With the gradual increase in the crowd wearing jewelry, wholesale jewelry industry in the gradual rise.

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