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Jewelry Making As Far As Possible The User Experience

According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's economic and trade research noted that at present mainland providing self service products are mainly dominated by silver, 90% with k-gold and silver as raw material. A homemade shop owner said, is limited by the customer lack professional skills and high operating costs, provide simple silver self service is by far the most reasonable choice.
At present, self-made silver price ranged from 288 Yuan to RMB 688, prices to be higher than similar products on the e-commerce platform, but many consumers still prefer homemade jewelry, through participation in the process of making sense of achievement and satisfaction, whereby the place emotion and conveys love and self-expression.
Insiders pointed out that the Mainland "user experience" development it is imperative that "user experience" while avoiding product homogeneity, encourage innovation, and also to the potential market, but has huge potential to generate brand.

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