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Newlyweds Want To Buy Jewelry

On the eve of marriage, wanting to do a series of wedding preparations, other than the wedding dress selection, then the most valuable wedding ring myself! look dazzling diamond ring, really is exciting, wedding ring so many brands, how to pick them? married buy jewelry?
Selection of jewelry: diamonds, gold, Platinum, Palladium, gold and other jewelry.
Diamond: luxury. Small value. Most people can't afford to buy. After the purchase is difficult to liquidate. Net profit at around 50%. (There are many factors affecting profits, such as regions, markets, profit is not the same. Following the same way. ) As the diamond market profiteering, so quality of diamonds on the market.
Gold: jewelry traditional store of value appreciation. Profit: 10 Yuan to 30 yuan per gram, sometimes largely unprofitable. Small series of get married buy gold necklace. Bottom of the box. Because gold jewelry not fit young people wear nowadays, so often take the ring in hand, I have no choice gold.
Platinum: worn in appearance, value jewelry. Profit more than gold. I bought the ring is Platinum.
Palladium: Palladium market right now is not a hedge, would appreciate it is hard to say. Because Palladium price in about 60 Yuan, can be priced at 170 Yuan a gram or so see how much profit you realize the value of it is.

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