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Stainless Steel Jewelry The Market Is Fully Competitive

In recent years, the annual export growth rate of stainless steel jewelry reached 30%, the jewelry industry, the average growth rate of 3 times, and the growth trend is considered to continue for a longer period. But in March 2014 when the Hong Kong stainless steel jewelry and accessories exhibition, see more or from Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States brand, stainless steel jewelry in the high-end areas also controlled by foreign brands.

 "Color yarn chain" responsible person to speak: stainless steel jewelry is also facing structural adjustment. Simple counterfeit or OEM orders, the competitiveness of enterprises has declined.

 Compared to Europe and the United States stainless steel jewelry market, Guangzhou is still in the low end of the ranks, the biggest feature is the small micro-enterprise, although this makes the market to fully compete, but the phenomenon of serious homogeneity, seriously hindered the development of the industry, Recognized by consumers and very few well-known brands. The level of competition is low, the lack of a real innovation force, to promote the level of competition to enhance.

 Stainless Steel jewelry Stainless steel sets performance, appearance and use characteristics in one, so stainless steel will remain one of the best building materials in the world. For more than sixty years, architects have been using stainless steel to build cost-effective permanent buildings. Many of the existing buildings fully illustrate the correctness of this option. Some are very ornamental, such as Chrysler Building in New York City. But in many other applications, the role of stainless steel is not so compelling, but in the building's aesthetic and performance has played an important role. For example, since stainless steel is more wear resistant and resistant to stamping than other metal materials of the same thickness, it is the preferred material for designers when building sidewalks where the flow of people is large.

Stainless Steel jewelry Stainless steel has been used for the construction of new buildings and structural materials used to repair historic sites for more than 70 years. The early design was calculated on the basis of the basic principles. Today, the design specifications, for example, the American Society of Civil Engineers ANSI / ASCE-8-90 "cold-formed stainless steel structural parts design specifications" and NiDI and Euro Inox jointly published "structural stainless steel design manual" has simplified the long service life, The design of structural parts with good integrity.

Stainless Steel jewelry Future outlook Since stainless steel has the many desirable properties required for building materials, it can be said to be unique in metals, and its development continues. In order to make stainless steel better in traditional applications, has been improving the existing type, and, in order to meet the stringent requirements of advanced building applications, is developing new stainless steel. As the production efficiency continues to improve, the quality of continuous improvement, stainless steel has become the architects choose one of the most cost-effective materials.

"Those who participate in the Hong Kong exhibition are those who have the design capacity and brand impact of the enterprise, most of our market companies do not have a brand influence, not with the Hong Kong exhibition on the brand than." Station Road Jewelry Street, a business told reporter. "We are still with the main, fight or cost advantage."

Stainless Steel jewelry At present, the characteristics of stainless steel jewelry market is not strong, not much, not big. Small-scale enterprises, profitability is not strong, a direct impact on the competitiveness of enterprises. Although with the fashion jewelry industry, environmental protection needs of the rise, the rapid development of stainless steel jewelry industry, but the scale of enterprises generally small, low technological content of products, industry restructuring and transformation is imperative.

The global market demand for high-end brands growing, and China's domestic brands weak, can not enter the high-end market. Therefore, the whole industry is promising but a lot of challenges, the development of independent brands to capture the market, the need for domestic stainless steel jewelry business really aware of the importance of the brand.

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