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Wholesale New Design 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet for Valentine's Day Gift

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:8008

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • Type:Bracelets

  • Suitable for:Female

  • Style:Star Fashion

  • Color:Silver

  • Usage:Health

  • Occasion:Formal Occasions

  • MOQ:1PC for in Stock

  • Plating Way:24k Vacuum Plating

  • Service:OEM, ODM, Design Service, Buyer Label

  • Logo:Free Laser Your Customized Logo/Name

  • Energy Element:Magnet, Anion, Germanium, Fir, 38 Energy Stone

  • Chain Type:Link

  • Clasp:180 /90 Degrees Clasp(Optional)

  • Function:Pain Relief

  • Craftwork:High Polished, Ipg, Matt, Sandblasting

  • Sample Order:Accepted

  • Trademark:38

  • Specification:CTI, SGS, ISO14000

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:7117190000

Product Description

1, Item NameWholesale New 316l stainless steel bracelet 
2, Materials Stainless steel, Titanium
4,LogoFree laser your logo 
5,Health ElementMagnet, Germanium, High polished, Matt, Sandblasting
7,Unique1)High power technology and fashion together
 2)Excellent quality and competitive price
8,Power1)Magnetic: 2000~3500 Gauss
 2)Negative ion: 800~1200 ions
9,Craft workHigh polished, Matt, Sandblasting, IPG, CNC, Laser(hand work)

Our Advantages

Brand-name products
14 years experience
Small MOQ (some model for 1piece)
10 years gold supplier on Alibaba
Laser yours logo for free
Own factory
Green Product
Design of all products by our staff
Almost 1000 existing customers from over 100 countries
OEM & ODM can be accepted
Various payment methods (T/T;L/C;Bank Account;Paypal;Western Union;Alipay)
Prompt delivery time
Large Stock of each model
Stable relationship with supplier
More than 100 new designs each month

What is Magnetic Therapy ?
Magnetic Therapy is a natural therapy which does not involve drugs or other
Complicated procedure as in acupressure, acupuncture,homeopathy,hypnosis,
Or elaborate diets.When magnets are placed on human body, the magnetic
Field penetrates the skin tissue and thus helps to improve blood
Circulation and stimulates the body to heal by itself.
Poor blood circulation is said to be the cause of many illnesses today.The use
Of magnets can cure migraine, neck, back and insomnia.Poor blood
Cramp, gout, angina, depression, period pains and insomnia.Poor blood
Circulation can make the whole body to be 'below PAR'.Magnetic therapy can
Change this, and give a whole new impetus to life.

Magnetic Therapy claims to have good effect in the treatment of many ailments
Pain relief
Control swelling
More restful sleep
Increase tissue oxygenation
Relief of stress
Increase cellular oxygen level
Improve blood circulation
Improve anti-infective activity
Reduce water retention
I.E.Remove harmful toxins and improve circulation of oxygen, proteins and
Minerals around the body, This assists growth of healthy new cell and initiates
The body to heal itself by its natural ability.

38 Energy Stone
38 Energy Stone
38 Energy Stone is created exclusively by our company, containing more than twenty kinds of beneficial elements for our body, such as germanium, iron, aluminum, manganese, calcium, vanadium, potassium, rubidium, zinc, copper, platinum, acupuncture, etc., being dedicated to the jewelry, and also having a good effects on promoting human health.
Product Principle:
In the particular space under the high magnetic effect, the magnetic field, generated ion, static electricity and other medium can produce the Physical Reactions, and occur the NMR ( Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ).This energy stone have developed successfully by our company, so it is known as 38 Energy Stone.
The effects of the 38 energy stone:
Promotion blood circulation;
Adjustment blood pressure;
Enhancement human immunity functions;
Having the significant effects on the improvement in the symptoms, especially for the people suffering from cervical spine, hands and feet stiff;
Prevention Radiation:
Having a good preventive effect on the people, who frequent use the mobile phones, computers and other electronic products causes tinnitus or pain;
To the regular smokers, drinkers all having the high blood viscosity, 38 Energy Stone can promote the discharge of acidic substances and improve blood viscosity, thus make the blood circulation unimpeded.
Having the remarkable results to improving the health status of the people, who exercise less, driving more, learn stress, pressure and other Sub-Health Groups.

Germanium Jewelry Benefits

Germanium is a mineral found in chlorella ,ginseng ,aloe ,suma ,and shiitake
Mushrooms.Germanium was discovered by a Japanese scientist Dr.Kazuhiko
Asai.Germanium has been studied for its iummune-boosting, analgesic,
Anti-tumor,and liver-restoring powers .Germanium may have energizing properties.Germanium element has found widespread use in electronics,transistor ,nuclear Sciences and in medicine .General toxicity of germanium is low,except for the Tetrahydride germane.Germanium is not carcinogenic and even appears to Cancer inhibit development and,in the form of the organic germanium compound,spirogermanium,to destroy cancer cells .High doses of germanium is not carcinogenic and even appears to inhibit cancer development and , in the form of the organic germanium compound,spirogermanium,to destroy cancer cells .High doses of germanium may result in an increased embryonic resorption ,but possible malformations have been reported only after administration of dimethyl germanium
Oxide to pregnant animals.Germanium may thus be considered an element of rather
Low risk to man
Enhancement of human immunity function
Normalization of human immunity function
The wide antineoplastic function
Anti-carcinogen function
Prevention and treatment of diseases
Singnificant anti-senility effect
Unimpeded blood pressure

Far infrared ray:
The health care function of Far infrared ray

1, Function to central nervous system:
Far infrared tepid effect acceleration blood circulation,improves the brain organization microcycle condition ,enables the brain cell the full oxygen and the nourishment supplies, Enhancement metabolism,  to change the unbalanced condition of the cerebral cortex and deepening inhibitory process, plays calmly, sleeps soundly the role.

2, Function to circulatory system
(1)To big circulation adjustment:On the one hand after the human body absorption massive far infrared thermal reaction causes the skin temperature increment, and stimulated the skin internal heat inductor, makes the blood vessel smooth muscle relaxation through the cerebral ganglion reflection, speeds up the vasodilatation blood stream ;On the other hand causes the blood vessel active material release,  reduces the blood vessel tensity, causes the arterial bifurcation, phlebcctosis the capillarity artery and the capillarity, urges the blood stream to speed up, thus leads the human body big circulation quickening
(2) To pair of microcycle adjustment:As the blood stream speeds up, enable the massive far infrared energy to bring to the whole body each organization organ in, affects reach to the microcycle system, and adjusted the microcycle blood vessel contraction function.On the one hand causes the slender caliber thickening, to enhance blood to be mobile .On the other hand expansion the blood vessel and elimilate the  stasis, This is the adjustment of far infrared to the microcycle blood vessel bidirectional.

3.Postpone the senile, prolong the life:
The far infrared acceleration circulation, causes metabolism to be more exuberant, Enhances organism organization organ function .Postponement organ decline advancement, and let them  at the good running status frequently, Serves the purpose that human body can delays the senile and prolongs the life.

Air Vitamin-Anion Benefits
Air Vitamin-Anion:
Air is composed of countless molecule,due to influence by various factors in nature, some air molecule released electron.Under normal baro-metric,released electron.Under normal baro-metric,released electron combine with medium molecule in air quickly to come into Anion .Anion is one kind of air ion ,bearing negative charge ,some people call Anion as "air vitamin"and re-gard it as vitamin of food ,since it is very import-ant to body and other biologic activities.There-fore, DR Ragfone, professor of physiology of Public Health College in Harvard University ,in American,consider Anion as "air vitamin"Based on modern medicine research,the main effcctioemess of Anion as follows:
Restrict oxidation of body cell or ganization
Activate cell
Strengthen immune ability and anti-inflammation
Accelerate blood circulation
Adjust nerve
Purify air

Direct effects of Negative ion on human health

Activate cells:Through cell membrane, it promote exchange of calcium and natrium inside and outside membrane, and keep cell's activity.

Blood purification:Through cell's activity, it promote cell metabolism, and excreted hazardous waste and toxic substances from body.

Resume fatigue:Eliminate illness factors, quickly recover physical strength.

Stabilize botanic nerve system:Influence botanic nerve system to obtain rirritable abilitity, adjust function of botanic nerve system.

Strengthen resistance capacity to disease:Stabilize emotion, increase C-Ball globins content, improve quantity and quality of leukin, and boost leukin's phagocytic function to the bacteria.

Restrain tumour cell growing:Influence the composition and distribution of charged particles in blood, and increase cell's activity.

Absorb and shield electromagnetic radiation.Improve allergic physique:Adjust the balance of botanic nerve system, strengthen the resistance to allergen material.

2.The main performance of negative ion for human body

The influences for nervous system:Enhance pallium function and brain activity, excite nerve, improve work efficiency, and improve sleep quality.Negative ion also can strength the intensity of oxidation process of brain tissue, and help brain tissue to obtain much oxygen.

Influences to cardiovascular system:Negative ion has obvious effects to vascular expansion, restrain cholesterol content of serum, purify blood, avoid lipid depositing on vascular wall, improve blood circulation, relieve artery vasospasm, and achieve to maintain steady blood pressure.

Negative ion has big benefits for improving cardiac function and myocardial nutrition, and is good for the rehabilitation of hypertension and vascular diseases patients.

Influences to blood system:Studies proved that negative ion has function to slow blood and extend clotting time, increase the oxygen content in blood, and thus is beneficial to oxygen transmission, absorption and utilization.

To improve NK activity to damage cancer cell;Restrain the happening and transfer of cancer cell.

To restrain colorless leukotriene that could cause allergy and angry state, could be used in beauty and skin treatment.For example, skin burns can be quickly cured by negative ion.Negative ion also has analgesic effect.

To prevent artery probation or peroxide lipid of liver, too much ions may cause oxidation of axunge, quick oxidation of axunge will accelerate body aging.
Remove skin waste, increase activity of the skin, has significant effect for beauty.
From above we can conclude that negative ion is closely related to human's all systems, that is, human health, therefore it is will play a obvious role in human health.

Benefit of tourmaline:

Tourmaline can emit far infrared, far infrared function in four areas:
(1) Cell
Far-infrared and the human body part four the same frequency, the same frequency resonance frequency, the resonance like sieve meters as cells arranged in order, shock to  put water molecules within the cell becomes small molecule cytotoxic discharge, cells, smooth cells to absorb nutrients adequately on healthy cells,
(2) The blood vessel
Resonance to produce heat, thermal expansion and contraction of blood vessels to dilate, blood circulation to accelerate vascular smooth microcirculation smooth microcirculation is the second heart, is the source of sickness is unreasonable to Chinese medicine pain, the General Clauses hurt, a pass Belden, a lot of microcirculation diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol diabetes naturally.
(3) neurological
The nerve points of the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, central nervous dominated our body language, self-discipline nerve organs organ and endocrine control our body language and endocrine due to the vibration of the continuous stimulation of the nerve unobstructed.

Company Background:
HongKong 38 international Group was established in 2003 and is one of officially registered companies under HongKong government.The headquarter is  in Hongkong and the factory with 20000 building properties is located in Donguang,we also have branch in Shenzhen.

We are the licensed manufacturer in Beijing 2008 Olympic and have passed international ISO certification.Mail products:Bracelets;Necklaces;Rings;Pendants;Earrings;Body piering;Cufflinks;Wearing beads;Watches and office stationery etc.The products mentioned above can be embeded health element of germanium,anions,magnetic what are good for health.

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